Walnut Wizard what our Customers Call Them

Walnut Wizard Names


Yes we thought we had the perfect name – Walnut Wizard – does what it says – works with walnuts and works like a magic – job done however we are amazed in coversations with our customers the names they come up with ,

Walnut Wizard Emptying into a bucket

Walnut Wizard in Action

nut picker, nut roller, walnut picker, nut picker-upper, basket nut tool, nut grabber, , walnut roller, walnut tool, nut tool, lawn sweeper, walnut rake, lawn whisk, nut collector, acorn rake, rake, acorn gatherer, picker upper, walnut picker upper &

finally ” thing that picks up walnuts”


Well whatever you call them We are here to make them and get them to you.

However if you have your own suggestions please leave them in the comments section – best one of the season wins either an Apple Wizard or a Walnut Wizard winners choice.


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