Walnut Wizard Advantage

There are a few Nut Pickers out there – however the Walnut Wizard has been designed from the ground up to work and keep working

The Disc

Notched Disc holds the wires in place - No Walnuts left Behind


The Wires


The Walnut Wizard uses 1.4mm wires thus ensuring they are hard wearing and will last more than a couple of seasons.

1.4mm Wires Ensure years of use before repair !


Walnut Wizard Emptying Device

Walnut Wizard Unique Emptying device - empties in under a second


The Handle

Patented five piece Steel handle


Walnut Wizard Spare Parts

Complete Spares - Keeping Your Wizard Running for Ever !

Yes We believe in repairing things , Indeed We have designed  the Walnut Wizard from the start to be repairable !

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Repair V Replace


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