Repair V Replace

It is suprising how over the last fifteen or perhaps more years the word repair has dropped from our day to day conversation , indeed spare parts is something that people no longer expect thus our homes ,busineses and dumps are full of items that could have been and should have been repaired.


This is wrong on so many levels , you have spent money for something that you would hope to last longer than the warranty period , if through accident or wear and tear something no longer works – having the parts and advice to repair it should be the natural position,


With Walnut Wizard we carry a full range of replacement parts ,spare wires for the wire ball and indeed everything you need to make the Wizard as good as new.

Replacement Wires for the Walnut Wizard

Replacement Wires for the Walnut Wizard

Walnut Wizard Replacement Emptying device








If you require parts please email and we will supply a full pricelist and indeed a PDF showing you how to repair the Walnut Wizard.


If you get stuck – we are only an email away.


Every Part Available As a Spare - Keeping Your Wizard Running for Ever !



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admin March 28, 2012 at 11:19 am

Hi – if you send me your address I can send you a sample replacement kit of wires




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